4our Kiddies Furniture Anchors (6 Pack) 2023 Upgraded Furniture Straps for Baby Proofing, Secure 400 Pound Furniture to Wall Prevent Falling Anti Tip Earthquake Straps for Child Safety


  • BABY SAFETY – We know how curious children can be. When little ones climb on furniture there is a potential for a tip-over incident. The good news is baby proof furniture anchors can help to keep furniture secure in case your children pull out the dresser drawer to form a ladder and climb onto the dresser for fun. Even with up to 400 pounds of pressure, this anchor keeps furniture upright.
  • EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT – Tall pieces of furniture like bookcases are easy to fall when the ground is rolling and shaking. You can prevent the furniture from falling on someone you care about by using these furniture wall anchors. The metal anchors work even in households without children – some data indicate that adults are also injured by furniture tip-overs.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Installing the anti-tip furniture straps to secure dressers and other large furniture takes only a few minutes, and might save a life. Follow the instructions, use all the hardware pieces in the package, it’s easy to install with a screwdriver and a drill driver. Besides, vertical or horizontal siding installation can be chosen for different furniture.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION – The wall anchors can be widely used for all kinds of furniture which may cause an unnecessary incident to toddlers, such as bookcases, bookshelves, dressers, cabinets, wardrobes. The anti-tip anchor is detachable that you can detach it anytime if you need to clean behind furniture or remove the furniture.
  • HIGH QUALITY – These furniture straps are made of high-quality stainless steel material, a high resistance to corrosion means that it will never rust during whole life use. And it has a resistance to fire and heat. What’s more, the straps are more sturdy and durable than other plastic straps, which will provide a perfect effect on baby safety.
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Injuries and deaths from furniture tip-overs are not unusual across the world, but families can enormously reduce the risk by properly anchoring dressers, bookcase, and other items to the wall.

4our Kiddies heavy duty furniture anchors not only make sense to secure heavy furniture in earthquake zones to prevent tipping, but it’s also a part of baby proofing your home.

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About 4our Kiddies

4our Kiddies invariably dedicates provide a safe and warm place for our kids to grow up healthy and happy via its innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use items.

Anchor It & Peace of Mind in Home

4our Kiddies: for our kiddies

Children like to climb on furniture. The home is a kid's playground. Unsecured furniture are hidden hazards in family homes. Anchor furniture can prevent tip-over accidents.

  • Widely to use and anchor any large furniture to wall.
  • High-quality anti-rust steel metal for long term use.
  • Earthquake-resistant keep furniture in place save life.
  • Comes with all necessary hardware pieces for instant installation.
  • Detachable metal wire can easy to clean or move furniture.

4our Kiddies Furniture Anchors

baby proof furniture anchors

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anti-tip furniture straps

Easy to Install

Follow the instructions, use all the hardware pieces in the package.It is easy and only takes a few minutes that might save a life.

Detachable Steel Cable

It is convenient to loosen the cable if you want to move the furniture and clean behind it.

Widely application

It provides steel brackets to screw into wall studs and your furniture along with a steel cables to bind your furniture to walls. For some shelves, you can use single bracket and a cable to secure them to wall.

wall anchor

Easy Installation Perfect Matching

Follow the instructions, use all the hardware pieces in the package, it’s easy to install this anti-tip bracket for furniture with a screwdriver and a drill driver in no time at all. Make sure to place anchors on a solid backing. Meanwhile, you will find out this babyproofing furniture strap matches the wall colors, perfect to hide behind the back of the white shelf.

Furniture strap is not only a part of baby proofing your home but also makes sense to secure heavy furniture in earthquake zones to prevent tipping.

  • Effectively enhance the safety and stability for keeping furniture in place.
  • Babyproof your home to prevent accidental furniture tip-overs.
  • Create and maintain a safe environment for your kids and pets.
  • Keep peace of mind of parents.

Metal wires x 6

Brackets x 12(2 for each strap)

Wall anchors x 12(2 for each strap)

Long screws x 12

Short screws x 12

Package Quantity 10 Pack 14 Pack 60 Pack 1 Pack
Material Eco ABS Eco ABS Eco ABS Polyester mesh
Main Function Lock cabinets and drawers to protect children from common home hazards Lock cabinets and drawers to protect children from common home hazards Fit firmly into the outlets to prevent children from electric shock Simulates a nighttime environment so your baby can doze off peacefully