4our Kiddies Furniture Anchors (6 Pack) Upgraded Furniture Straps for Baby Proofing, Secure 400 Pound Furniture to Wall Prevent Falling Anti Tip Earthquake Straps for Child Safety



  • 儿童安全防护必备产品 - 我们知道孩子们有多么好奇。当小孩子爬上家具时,存在倾倒的风险。好消息是,婴儿防护家具装置可以帮助确保家具稳固,以防孩子们抽出梳妆台抽屉作为梯子爬上家具玩耍。即使承受多达400磅的压力,这个家具防倾倒装置也可以保持家具直立。
  • 专业级避震家具防倒产品 - 像书柜这样高的家具在地震时容易倾倒。你可以通过使用这些家具紧固装置来防止家具倾倒,避免家具倾轧伤及老弱妇孺。金属家具防倒装置在没有孩子的家庭中也能起作用,一些数据显示成年人也会因家具倾倒而受伤。
  • 安装简易快捷 - 安装家具防倾倒装置来固定梳妆台和其他大件家具只需几分钟,一个小小的操作可能会挽救一条生命。按照我们提供的产品使用说明进行操作,使用包装中的所有五金配件,只需用螺丝刀和电钻即可轻松安装。此外,可以选择垂直或水平安装方式来适用于不同的家具。
  • 多种应用方式 - 本家具防倒装置可广泛用于各种可能给幼儿带来倾轧威胁的家具,包括书柜、书架、梳妆台、柜子和衣柜等。此家具防倾倒装置是可拆卸的,当你需要清理家具后面的空间或者移动家具时,你可以随时将固定连接的钢绳解开。
  • 材质优异可靠 - 本品是由高质量的不锈钢材料制成,有较高的抗腐蚀和抗氧化能力,即便长时间使用也不会生锈。同时具有较强的抗火和耐热特性。更重要的是,此金属制品比其他塑料制品更坚固耐用,能更好地保障宝宝的安全。

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furniture anchor

Injuries and deaths from furniture tip-overs are not unusual across the world, but families can enormously reduce the risk by properly anchoring dressers, bookcase, and other items to the wall.

4our Kiddies heavy duty furniture anchors not only make sense to secure heavy furniture in earthquake zones to prevent tipping, but it’s also a part of baby proofing your home.

furniture strap

baby safety

About 4our Kiddies

4our Kiddies invariably dedicates provide a safe and warm place for our kids to grow up healthy and happy via its innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use items.

Anchor It & Peace of Mind in Home

4our Kiddies: for our kiddies

Children like to climb on furniture. The home is a kid’s playground. Unsecured furniture are hidden hazards in family homes. Anchor furniture can prevent tip-over accidents.

  • Widely to use and anchor any large furniture to wall.
  • High-quality anti-rust steel metal for long term use.
  • Earthquake-resistant keep furniture in place save life.
  • Comes with all necessary hardware pieces for instant installation.
  • Detachable metal wire can easy to clean or move furniture.

4our Kiddies Furniture Anchors

baby proof furniture anchors

metal anchors

anti-tip furniture straps

Easy to Install

Follow the instructions, use all the hardware pieces in the package.It is easy and only takes a few minutes that might save a life.

Detachable Steel Cable

It is convenient to loosen the cable if you want to move the furniture and clean behind it.

Widely application

It provides steel brackets to screw into wall studs and your furniture along with a steel cables to bind your furniture to walls. For some shelves, you can use single bracket and a cable to secure them to wall.

wall anchor

Easy Installation Perfect Matching

Follow the instructions, use all the hardware pieces in the package, it’s easy to install this anti-tip bracket for furniture with a screwdriver and a drill driver in no time at all. Make sure to place anchors on a solid backing. Meanwhile, you will find out this babyproofing furniture strap matches the wall colors, perfect to hide behind the back of the white shelf.

Furniture strap is not only a part of baby proofing your home but also makes sense to secure heavy furniture in earthquake zones to prevent tipping.

  • Effectively enhance the safety and stability for keeping furniture in place.
  • Babyproof your home to prevent accidental furniture tip-overs.
  • Create and maintain a safe environment for your kids and pets.
  • Keep peace of mind of parents.

Metal wires x 6

Brackets x 12(2 for each strap)

Wall anchors x 12(2 for each strap)

Long screws x 12

Short screws x 12

Package Quantity 10 Pack 14 Pack 60 Pack 1 Pack
Material Eco ABS Eco ABS Eco ABS Polyester mesh
Main Function Lock cabinets and drawers to protect children from common home hazards Lock cabinets and drawers to protect children from common home hazards Fit firmly into the outlets to prevent children from electric shock Simulates a nighttime environment so your baby can doze off peacefully