4our Kiddies 婴幼儿安全防护柜锁【十个装】附赠六个备用3M背胶,可用于加固各式柜门与抽屉的多功能闩锁,闩带长度可自由调节,自带3M背胶黏贴安装,无需开孔,儿童安全防护必备闩锁



  • Baby Proof Cabinet Latches with 6 Extra 3M Adhesive Tapes: these safety locks use heavy-duty but removable 3M strips so you do not need to worry about the permanence of screws or drilling holes to your cabinets or appliances. Besides, the baby cabinet locks come with 6 pieces additional 3M adhesive strips if you plan to remove and reuse them. When you’re done with the child-proofing stage, you can easily remove them by heating a hairdryer.
  • Childproof Drawer Latches for All Kinds of Cabinets and Drawers: these child safety locks are multipurpose and work well on various items from cabinets and drawers to appliances. The extra-long length strap locks allow for flexibility and let you latch around any cabinet styles and shapes, which help you to keep babies and toddlers away from unwanted devices like drawers, cupboards, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, toilet and trash cans.
  • Quick Easy to Install Child Proof Drawer Locks with No Tool: with highly graded pre-applied 3M adhesives, it takes no time to install the child locks effortlessly. Simply peel off the plastic covering the adhesive strip and attach the child safety strap locks to any place you do not want your little one to mess with. When your baby grows up, removing the child locks can be a breeze with no or residue left on the furniture or appliances.
  • Child Proof Cabinet Latches Require No Keys for Easy to Use: you don’t have to worry about misplacing a key with these baby safety latches, making them an ideal child-proofing option. Babies under 2 years old simply do not have that strength to beat the baby proof drawer locks while it won’t be a problem for adults. When you want to get in, simply press the release button, and the strap comes loose on one side. You can keep them unlatched when not in use.
  • Drawer locks for baby proofing with supreme Quality and Safe Material: The child locks are made of eco-friendly and premium high-quality ABS material, which has a strong resistance to corrosive or physical impacts and allows you to paint them into whatever color you delight to match your home decor. No like other cheap brands, our cabinet door locks have a smooth finished surface with no burrs so no matter how your babies try to play with it, it will never hurt your babies’ fingers.

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Cabinet Strap Locks Baby Proofing

Your baby is open to home hazards!

  • A toddler is eager to explore their curiosity around the house!
  • In the time of answering a phone call or receiving a parcel, your baby may could crawl into the kitchen and open a drawer in a flash. Which is likely to cause them to be injured accidentally by some sharp utensils.
  • Since there are so many dangerous home hazards for toddlers that you must look out for, locking down cabinets and drawers is essential.
  • Using 4our Kiddies multi-function cabinet locks to prevent toddlers and children from opening household items they shouldn’t mess with. Making your life much more easier!

Cabinet locks for babies

child locks baby proof

4our Kiddies: for our kiddies

4our Kiddies invariably dedicates provide a safe and warm place for our kids to grow up healthy and happy via its innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use items.

Child Safety Cabinet Locks – 10 Pack

Baby proofing cabinet locks are perfect for drawers, cabinets, dressing drawers, toilets, refrigerators, etc. Using in the kitchen, bathroom, storage room, and bedrooms, keep the houseful safety.

  • Adhesive pre-applied for a quick hassle-free installation.
  • 3M adhesive strong enough to withstand the pulls and tugs of babies and children.
  • Durable and upgraded material for long-lasting use.
  • Replaceable 3M adhesive and reusable cabinet lock strap.
  • Extra Spare Units – 6 pieces 3M adhesives

4our Kiddies Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks

cabinet safety locks

child safety strap locks

baby proof cabinet locks

Easy for adults, safe for toddlers.

  • Unlock the drawer latches with the sliding button (press your finger and push it outward).
  • Non-Slip Grooves on the strap make it never slippage once locked.

Adjustable length from 4.4″ to 7.7″

  • Multi-Use strap locks can be adjusted from 4.4 to 7.7 inches, applicable to most kinds of furniture.
  • Slide the clip on the safety cabinet lock to lock the length you want.

Enhanced flexibility 360° bending free

  • The flexible strap can be placed both vertically and horizontally, quite durable for daily use.
  • 360° Free bending, perfectly around any corners of cabinet and drawers.

Multi-functional Strap Locks with Wide Applications in Your House!

Safety cabinet locks

Drawer Latch

babyproofing cabinets and drawers

child safety strap locks

Living Room

  • Storage cabinet
  • Wine cabinet
  • Bookcase drawer


  • Dresser drawer
  • Nightstand drawer
  • Clothes closet

Washroom&Laundry Room

  • Toilet
  • Shower Doors
  • Washing machine


  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Refrigerator&Dishwasher
  • Trash can


Childproof Your House by a Quick Hassle-free Installation!

childproof drawer latches


Sliding out part”A” and adjust the length to you want.

Note: Do not lock the removable slider on the strap before adjusting the required length.

drawer locks baby proofing


Sliding part “A” back into the lock.

Note: Make sure you have locked the clip permanently.

cabinet door locks for kids safety


Peel the 3M tape and press down to install.

Note: Clean and dry the surface before installation.

baby proof latches for cabinets


Slide part “B” and till to open the lock.

Note: Wait at least 24 hours before use to get the best results.

childproof drawer latches

drawer locks baby proofing

cabinet door locks for kids safety

baby proof latches for cabinets

Package Quantity 14 Pack 10 Pack 6 Pack 10 Pack 60 Pack 2 Pack
Product Material Eco ABS+TPE Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Premium Nylon Eco ABS Eco ABS + Silicone
Main Function Lock cabinets and drawers to protect children from common home hazards Secure furniture to the wall to prevent furniture from tipping over Secure furniture to the wall to prevent furniture from tipping over Secure furniture to the wall to prevent furniture from tipping over Fit firmly into the outlets to prevent children from electric shock Keep fastening toilet lid to prevent children or pets from the unwanted toilet area