4our Kiddies 儿童防护电源插座盖【六十个装】婴幼儿安全电源插座保护盖,拉线排插孩童安全防护罩,避免幼童误触电源引起电击事故



  • Best outlet covers to baby proof and child proof the electrical sockets and plugs inside your home. These outlet plug covers will prevent your kids from inserting their fingers or anything else into the slots and getting an electrical, but still allows you to have easy access to the outlet.
  • Easy to install without the use of tools, just simply plug it into the outlet like an appliance would be to cover the holes and it’s done. These electrical outlet safety plugs are sufficiently tight-fitting for baby safety so that they can be very difficult to be taken off by baby.
  • Friendlier hidden U-ring handle of these child proof outlet covers are designed to be much easier for adults to remove when they wanted to use the outlet. Not like other cheap and old model outlet covers, you have to use a non-metallic tool to pry the plug out and always scratch the outlet cover plate.
  • The babyproofing outlet covers are made of ABS plastic which has excellent electric insulation properties. No like other cheap brand, our outlet plug covers have a smooth finished surface with no burrs so no matter how your babies try to play with it, it will never hurt your babies’ finger.
  • 4our Kiddies outlet plug covers have 3-prong and its white finish can expertly conceal all the holes of the socket. Protect your little ones out of electricity-related accidents and potential hazards with outlet covers for baby. It is barely noticeable and will not stand out from the design of your house.

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4our Kiddies Babyproofing Outlet Covers Keep Kids Safe From Electrical Shock
Electrical outlets are irresistible to babies. Being low to the ground and in reaching distance of crawling baby.
For your baby safety! Get baby proofing kits and start off by putting on safety outlet covers soon.

Why Choose 4our Kiddies Outlet Plug Covers?
– 60 Pack super value outlet caps can effective to cover all potentially dangerous electrical sockets inside your home.
– The 3-prong designed outlet plug can completely cover all the holes of the socket and blend into your home perfectly.
– The babyproofing outlet covers are made of ABS plastic which has excellent electric insulation properties.
– The outlet covers are easy to install by inserting it into the outlet without the use of tools but difficult for baby to remove it.
– It is convenient for adults to take off the outlet covers from the outlet plates with the friendlier hidden U-ring handle.
– High quality and smooth finished surface with no burrs prevent your finger and babies from pricking when touch it.
– These outlet covers can fit more tightly than the 2-prong outlet plug covers and cover all 3 holes making them less noticeable.

Quantity: 60 Pack
Material: ABS Plastic ( flame retardant and electric insulation )
Weight: 0.1 oz/Piece
Size: 1.18” x 1.18”

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