4our Kiddies 家具固定装置(十个装)儿童安全防护家具紧固带,应用于保障儿童与宠物安全以及防家具倾倒的防震级家具防倾倒装置



  • ANTI TIP FURNITURE STRAPS FOR CHILD SAFETY 4our Kiddies furniture straps secure furniture to the wall to help against furniture tipping over, even during earthquakes and windstorms. If you have children or pets at home, consider using this anti-tip kit to anchor all of your top-heavy and unsteady furniture, babyproof your home to prevent accidental furniture tip-overs. Create and maintain a safe environment for your kids and pets.
  • HIGH-QUALITY HEAVY DUTY FURNITURE WALL STRAPS The Impact-resistant furniture anchors are comprised of two brackets tethered by a strap. The application of new material (Nylon 6t) provides the furniture anchors kit a higher stiffness and strength. The straps also have good flame-retardant property, high stability, and cracking property, which effectively enhances the safety and stability for keeping your furniture in place.
  • QUICK RELEASE DETACHABLE MAKE MOVING FURNITURE EASILY The safety strap provides a positive and reliable lock when engaged and slips off easily with a press of the release so that you can easily and safely clean behind your furniture when needed. As the furniture straps are installed in the back, you cannot see the straps from the front but they may be visible from the sides.
  • 10 PACK BABY FURNITURE ANCHORS SATISFIED MORE YOUR NEEDS The package includes 10 pack furniture safety straps. The adjustable straps also come with illustrated instructions and all needed hardware for installation. Perfect for anchoring TV stand, drawer, cabinets, bookcases, dresser, armoires, wardrobes, and any furniture. NOTE: for best protection and results, 2 straps are required per TV or piece of furniture.
  • EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT FURNITURE STRAPS Earthquakes strike without warning. Our heavy-duty straps can safely secure your furniture items especially the bookcases or tall furniture that could slide or fall when earthquake occurs below 5.5 quake. We would advise 2 straps are used per furniture item for the best result

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Baby Proofing Furniture Straps (10 Pack) Anti Tip Furniture Kits for Child Safety from 4our Kiddies
We all have furniture around the house that can pose falling hazards for our children. All stand-alone ranges should also be secured with an anti-tip device, as kids tend to climb up on open oven doors and use it as a step — and always when your back is turned!

Unbelievable Furniture-tipping Facts in the USA
1. Someone is injured by a piece of furniture tipping over each 15 minutes
2. Of all tip-over fatalities, 91% of them happen in the home
3. Every other week on average, a kid dies from tipped-over furniture
3. Toddlers are involved in over 66% of fatalities from furniture tip-over

Best and Easy Solutions:
4our Kiddies Furniture anti-tip strap makes sense to secure heavy furniture in earthquake zones to prevent tipping, but it’s also a part of childproofing your home.

√Comes with 10 adjustable safety strap sets, that meet your multiple needs in the home. Note: 2 straps are required per piece of furniture
√10 sets include all hardware including screws, adjustable straps, brackets, wall anchors (other sellers do not offer).
√The furniture straps are made from high-quality Nylon, no cheap plastics, no velcro, and no glue
√The safety straps are detachable and adjustable so that parents can easily and safely clean behind their child’s furniture when needed.
√Installation is easy and quick. The anti-tip furniture kits come with user-friendly instructions and all necessary hardware pieces.
√Effective for tipping prevention

Package Contents:
Furniture straps x 10 (Length: 9.45”)
Brackets x 20 (size: 1.73”x0.79”, 2 for each strap)
Drywall anchors x 20 (2 for each strap)
Screws x 40
Our furniture anti-tip straps help eliminate home furniture from tipping over onto children!
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